Welcome to Justine-McNamara.com!

About Me:
I’m an Australian living in Brooklyn, New York. I’m very lucky to have worked for a company that allowed me to transfer here, and I’ve been in New York since June 2016.

I have worked for small and large media agencies in SEO and copywriting since 2011. You can view examples of the work I’ve done on my Professional Portfolio page.

I have written for a number of music sites since 2011. Sadly, some of these sites no longer exist, so I have compiled all of my reviews and put them in the Music Writing section of my site. My Professional Portfolio page also links to my work on music sites that are still operating.

I also write about my personal life, taking inspiration from my experiences as I approach 30. You can find those pieces in the About 30 section. I have been documenting my experiences since I moved to New York, and you can find those pieces in the New York section.

If you’d like me to write something for you, fill out the form below and get in touch! I would love to work with you.